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Carpoolers are a huge part of a hotel's bottom line and it takes the hotel considerable effort to retain them in its portfolio. As such, the king casino's decision to provide one of the biggest discounts for carpoolers can hardly be justified.

The hotel also makes a strategic decision not to include taxi drivers in its carpool discount. So what does it get?

Carrion Carpooling - the ultimate bargain

Cars in general have become one of the most expensive travel accessories and at the same time have a negative effect on the environment. This goes for both cars and trucks as carpooling is known to contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions by driving.

For every passenger who chooses a carpooling car it's claimed that this extra driver brings 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, every single passenger who takes the same truck with them or who simply drives the same route in a similar style has the potential to reduce their CO2 emissions by about 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (C02) per driver. This is a huge result on its own and when the carbon is added to the petrol fuel it brings in 2 billion tonnes of CO2 per year.

This is no small job or a "pump-and-dump" scheme on the part of a hotel or hostel either - it goes for a massive environmental change in our environment!

So, despite the high costs for a hotel to keep these drivers employed and the massive cost for the environment that these drivers may eventually suffer, it's worth it and the hotel might as well make it happen.

The king casino knows that the people in its carpool scheme would benefit more from spending money at home on their own cars and buying the appropriate insurance that will make it impossible for them to get sued by the king casino - after all the king casino is simply looking to bring in a huge influx of new guests who might otherwise choose not to use cars at all.

Cars have some important benefits, too. Most importantly: it's cheap to be carpooling.

The average annual cost for a one-hour parking trip in Canada is $7 or $10. For one day's travel there it's usually in the $7 to $12 range. That alone is worth having in one's budget when considering the fact that the only things that a car can do for you in a parking space are to pay a premium and to park it in a parking space that you can afford on your own time.

Carpooling in the United States

The benefits of carpooling in the United States are no
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